Five Key Ingredients to a Successful Holiday Party

December 18, 2014


‘Tis the season to be partying, and no matter if you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Festivus, planning a successful holiday party can be much like trying to stick to a diet this month. Not easy. 


Starting with the least important, here are the five most important elements of any special event:


5. Entertainment. What? Did you think just because I’m an entertainer that I’d say that was the most important?! While quality entertainment can help enhance an already great party, or add excitement to one that’s a bit boring, the truth is that it really should be the last thing that you worry about. Prior to considering a live or interactive performance, such as a comedy show, I suggest that first you take care of a few other things, such as the…


4. Music. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a band or DJ, as that’s a matter of taste, but you really should have something. Even if your guests aren’t necessarily going to be dancing, music adds energy and life to an event, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Of course, you can set up an iPod or have the venue play music through their house system, but I don’t usually recommend this. On rare occasions this may be appropriate, but most of the time it creates headaches, and your event will lack the customization, flexibility, and professionalism it deserves. Think about music only after you’ve secured a…   


3. Venue. Many will argue that it’s the MOST important, hence the reason why most people pick the location for their event before anything else. I beg to differ. Having attended thousands of events over the last two decades, I can say that while it’s great to have your party in a nice place, it doesn’t correlate to the fun your guests have as much as you might think. I’m not suggesting that you should aspire to have your company party at Applebee’s, so please, don’t misunderstand.  I’m simply pointing out that some of the most fun and memorable parties I’ve worked in my career have been at venues like the local American Legion, and some of the most boring and forgettable have been at five star hotels. I think even more important than location is the…   


2. Food. Two-thirds of the adults in America are overweight, so I say, give your guests what they want! All kidding aside, if your guests don’t enjoy the music, venue, or entertainment, but you feed them really well, they will leave with a smile. Simply put, food makes people happy. However, even if you have Chef Ramsey cooking dinner, Billy Joel playing music, while on a private island in the Bahamas, with Seinfeld doing the after dinner show, your party won’t be anything without quality…


1. People. This has been proven to me first hand time and time again. A party is only as good as the people in attendance.  If you’ve covered all of the bases listed above, and your event still doesn’t feel like a success, you have to take a look at the crowd around you. It’s likely they are the weakest link.


Make sure you take a look at these five components when planning your next special event, to insure that your guests have the best experience possible. 


Happy Holidays!



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