The Secret To Making Your Next Special Event Unforgettable

November 9, 2014

It’s no secret that a lot of people really despise going to organization gatherings.  Many may fear being stuck in meeting rooms all day, others might be worried about having to mingle and network with people they don’t know, (or quite possibly don’t want to know), and some may be fearful of having to listen to the same speech that has been given year after year.


How can you make your next sales retreat, association meeting, or company function a time your guests will look forward to attending?  And even better, one they’re guaranteed to remember?  One simple way is to make it unique, fun, and exciting with outstanding forms of entertainment!


Often times the people put in charge of planning events are concerned about the challenges when hiring entertainment. They might be worried that the material covered by the comedian will be off color and not corporate friendly, that the magician will be pulling quarters from behind the guests ears and making corny jokes, or that the juggler who claims their fire eating act is completely safe, is going to set off the smoke alarms.  This may be as a result of either a previous experience with an unprofessional performer, or from a horror story told by a friend or colleague.


However, it is important to keep in mind that the right entertainment can add tremendous value to your event and make it a fun, memorable, and positive function.  It can get your group to interact and work together as a team.  It can get them laughing and feeling good about your event.  And possibly the most important, is that by providing entertainment for your guests, you can also help relay your event’s message to your group.


When creating a positive event with entertainment, it is important to remember the following:


1. The entertainment should be family friendly.  The performance should be clean and free of inappropriate comments.


2. Your guests should not be humiliated in any way, shape or form.


3. The act should have good intent.  Getting your audience laughing together is a wonderful thing, but the laughter should not be at the expense of others.  Nobody likes to be humiliated.


4. The entertainment you hire should be novel and creative.  No one wants to see the same ol’ thing they have seen before!  You want to give your audience something that is different and that will hold their interest.


Keeping these four things in mind, you can make your next event a memorable function that not only succeeds in entertaining your audience, but if you choose, can also support your events message and objectives.  As a result, you’re sure to get a great return on your investment!



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