Walk-Around "Close-Up" Magic


Walk-around “close-up” magic is one of the best ways to give your guests custom and personalized entertainment, a unique way to add fun and excitement to your next special event. You can expect to see the following:


  • Casual, flexible and personalized entertainment performed a few minutes at a time, from group to group and
    table to table.

  • Magic that happens right under your nose and even in your own hands!

  • The ability to entertain your guests without having to occupy everyone’s attention all at the same time.

  • Jaw dropping sleight of hand guaranteed to add the energy and excitement your event needs and your
    guests want.

  • Entertainment that won’t offend your guests in any way and that is sure to help make your event unforgettable.





Hypnosis Show


The comedy hypnosis show is a fun, fast paced and clean program filled with audience participation and amazing demonstrations of the powers of the mind. With Larry Greenberg you can expect to see the following:


  • The show starts with a hilarious introduction to stage hypnosis that gets everyone laughing and excited to be a part of the show. Of course, nobody is forced to volunteer, but SO many people want to experience hypnosis!

  • After the introduction, we will have more people volunteering than are necessary. About 15 to 20 lucky participants will be seated on stage in a row of chairs facing the audience.

  • All are hypnotized and the fun begins! 

  • They take on different personalities, have their environments changed and perform funny routines that are designed to have your audience keel over in laughter, but not embarrass the participants.   

  • Everyone (including the volunteers) will leave with pleasant memories and appreciation of your event.
















Magic & Mentalism Show


You’ll question reality after witnessing Larry Greenberg’s Magic & Mentalism Show. Predictions are made, minds are read, and thoughts are influenced. All with 100% accuracy. Volunteers from the audience will participate in one-of-a-kind demonstrations guaranteed to leave even the most skeptical and sophisticated audiences in awe. Larry combines his extraordinary mental capabilities with his unique style of humor, into a performance that never fails to impress. Your guests will:


  • Laugh, applaud, and scratch their heads… all at the same time!

  • Witness the impossible as predictions and premonitions come true, over and over again.

  • Experience a modern and unique performance like they have never seen before.   

  • Gasp out loud as they witness the impossible right before their very eyes.

  • Participate and interact. Everyone wants to experience having their mind read.

  • Rave about your event for years to come!



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Before contacting me for more information... we need to get something straight. Obviously, I think my show is pretty outstanding. If I didn't I wouldn't be the ONLY performer working today who backs his show with a 200% money-back guarantee. But please know, that while I can help make your next event unforgettable, I can't make your spouse disappear or a million bucks appear in your bank account. Sorry about that. ;)

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