Working with an entertainer has never been easier! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I receive. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to call or email.



Q: How long have you been doing magic?

A: I’ve been studying magic and sleight of hand from the time I was eight years old, for a total of over 25 years. I did my first paying show at the age of 13, and have been lucky enough to make my living as a professional entertainer since 1997. Sure, anyone can learn a few tricks and go into business as a “professional magician.” But you can rest assured that prior to coming to your event, I’ve been on stage thousands of times before.


Q: How about the hypnosis show? How long have you been doing that?

A: I have been studying and presenting hypnosis since 2007. I put together a safe and hysterical show, that doesn’t embarrass anyone, and is fun for both the audience and volunteers on stage.


Q: Do you have “real” powers?

A: Ha… I wish. No, I don’t have any “real powers,” and I don’t pretend to have any on stage. Any performer who claims that they can read minds, predict the future, or connect with spirits is misleading you. Sorry, but I’m just a regular guy who’s learned how to do a few cool things.


Q: Is your magic full of cheesy and corny jokes and tricks? Are you going to be pulling quarters out of peoples’ ears?

A: Are you asking if I’m a hack? Absolutely NOT! I’m very careful to make sure that the material I perform is unique and appropriate for even the most sophisticated audience. There is nothing worse than having a modern affair with entertainment that is dated and predictable.


Q: What is Hypnosis?

A: Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, one of increased focus and relaxed concentration. It’s an induced state that is characterized by extreme suggestibility.


Q: Can anyone be hypnotized?

A: Anyone with an honest desire and reasonable intelligence can be hypnotized. Many people can be hypnotized very quickly on the first attempt, and others have to try it a few times before they get comfortable with the skill. During the show, I give everyone an equal opportunity to experience hypnosis.  However, the truth is, we all experience natural trance states each and every day. (Have you ever been driving down the highway, humming a tune, and you missed the exit that you take everyday? That’s a natural trance state.)


Q: Is it true that only people with weak minds are susceptible to hypnosis?

A. No, in fact, the exact opposite is true. Those with strong minds, who are creative and have the ability to concentrate and focus well, are the ones who are able to experience hypnosis easily.


Q: Are you unconscious during hypnosis?

A: No, you are never unconscious during hypnosis. That is a myth. During hypnosis, your senses are heightened, not diminished. Although I will often use the word “sleep” during the show, the participants on stage know exactly what is being asked of them. They have full control of their actions and can hear every word that comes out of my mouth even though their eyes may be closed.


Q: Will you make me reveal my deep, dark secrets?

A: Absolutely not. The Larry Greenberg Comedy Hypnosis Show uses clean, fun humor that never embarrasses or degrades participants. Another myth is that you must give up control in order to be hypnotized. This is simply not true. You have complete control throughout the entire show. Nobody can or will do anything against their will when in a state of hypnosis.


Q: Do you perform magic and hypnosis together?

A: I may do them both at different points throughout the course of an event, but no, I don’t do them both together, in the same show.


Q: How long are your performances?

A: The shows can be customized to suit your needs, but the magic and mentalism shows are generally between 30 and 60 minutes, and the hypnosis show is between 60 and 90 minutes in length.


Q: How many people can you perform for, per hour, when doing walk-around close-up magic?

A: It varies a little. If I’m going a “full speed” I can see between 75 and 100 people in an hour. (That’s moving as quickly as I can through a crowd, and basically giving everyone the fastest trick I can do before moving on. Not recommended.) A more comfortable pace for myself, and one that gives your guests the best experience possible, is around 40-70 people per hour.


Q: Do you perform in my geographical location?

A: If a plane, train, or automobile can make it to where your event is… I can attend.


Q: What is your fee to come and perform at my event?

A: Due to many variables such as show type, length, location of performance, travel expenses, customization, etc., posting a fee really isn’t possible. Please contact me directly by phone at 888-573-7675 to find out if this is the right type of show for your event, and to receive further information.  


Q: What is the difference between your shows and other entertainers available?

A: All of my shows are customized, clean, and family oriented. I’m known for my fast paced, upscale performances that are uncompromising on quality and provide clean entertainment suitable and appropriate for any audience. I’m not some quack coming to you with zero experience. I’ve been entertaining audiences for a living for over 15 years, and all of my performances come backed by a $3,000,000 insurance policy and a “no-joke” 200% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with my services, I’ll return all of your money PLUS give you my entire show fee out of my own pocket, just for wasting your time. No other entertainer working today stands by their show like that.  (Nobody, however, has ever taken me up on this refund.) I’m committed to giving my clients the best and I stop at nothing less.


Q: I saw a magician/hypnotist/mentalists at a club, fair, etc. He says he can do a show for our company event. Would you recommend using him?

A: Was it myself? If so, then YES, of course! Seriously, though, this is a difficult question. I would recommend exploring all your entertainment options and then determine who is the most qualified to achieve your goals. The truth of the matter is I may NOT be the guy you’re looking for! You may want a grand illusion show, or perhaps a performance that’s a bit more obscene or vulgar. And while that’s perfectly fine… you will have to do some research. Chatting on the phone would be beneficial. To learn more about my services, just pick up the phone and call 888-573-7675.

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Before contacting me for more information... we need to get something straight. Obviously, I think my show is pretty outstanding. If I didn't I wouldn't be the ONLY performer working today who backs his show with a 200% money-back guarantee. But please know, that while I can help make your next event unforgettable, I can't make your spouse disappear or a million bucks appear in your bank account. Sorry about that. ;)

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